(all reviews and comments from patients who received treatment at epic MedSpa)


“I am so grateful to Alana.  The results of This procedure are amazing. iI didn’t realize how much I was “leaking” until I wasn’t… within days of having it I noticed the results.  I can’t wait to update this as things progress!! Thank you!! ”                                                                                                                               -DPT  (Doctor of Physical Therapy)


“It’s CRAZY!!! I didn’t think I needed “tightening” up externally but clearly I did! Not sure how to describe the external changes other than “lifted” I love it! And peeing…I totally don’t have the urgency to the extent that I used to!”


“I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and have worked in Women’s Health teaching women to strengthen their pelvic floor, etc.. And myself have been doing kegels for at least 10 years.  After 2 kids and now I’m in my 40’s, I have been experiencing stress incontinence for 7 years.  Since one session with the Juliet, I have not had any concerns with leakage after 6 weals post.  I can sneeze, jump, and even cough with out worries. ”


“Sometimes as women we deal with nuisances in our lives and think we have to live with them, never thinking that maybe there’s a solution. I am 41 and have 3 kids and am certain I’m not alone in these occurrences. I had (yes HAD) issues with urinating frequently, urgency, and the all too common leakage when I sneezed, coughed, etc. I was told of this treatment and how it was designed to fix these all too common issues also adding improvement in the intimacy department, & who doesn’t want that?  I was instantly ready to do it! I’m so glad I did and I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat. It’s been 4 days since I had it done and the results are amazing I noticed it the same day! It’s not painful. It was super fast and there is no disruption to your busy life. It was obvious the amount of thought and effort Alana put forth to make sure you felt safe, secure, and relaxed every step of the way. I have experienced such a dramatic improvement in frequency, urgency and I have sneezed and coughed both without having to ‘prepare’ at all and no leakage. It also improved the outer aspect as well (as I also chose external) which I can only describe as, turning back the clock. My advice to anyone out there thinking about it? Don’t think-DO !! You will not regret it! Thank you for making me feel young again!”

“I had my first running and jumping exercise class today, NO LEAKS”


“I just got done jumping on the trampoline, and I am DRY”


“Its nice that on road trips, my HUSBAND is the one who needs to stop for a bathroom break now before I do”


“I had the Juliet treatment done mostly for an uncomfortable to painful vaginal dryness.  After my first treatment there was a definite improvement but I still had some dryness.  I chose to do a second treatment.  The dryness is gone.  No more discomfort or pain.  I don’t even think about it any more.  I am very happy with my results.  A happy secondary effect was a stronger bladder.  I didn’t even realize that I had a bladder issue at all.  Overall I feel more like myself.  I trust Alana fully.   She has helped me with several problems over the years.  I would be a mess without her.             Thank you Alana”


“Spring break on the beach was amazing, no more bathroom breaks every 30 minutes”


” I no longer have to race off the plane to hit the bathroom, I can actually get my luggage first now”


“Everything is very good! I’ve definitely noticed tightening externally and internally. I feel great. What I like the most, and what bothered me the most, is the improvement to bladder control! Frequency and urgency are so much better. ”


👍 I can make it to and from the cabin without a bathroom run, I was LUCKY if I made it door to door”


“Between being 49 years old and having 2 kids (second tearing my cervix) I was kind of a mess down there.  As soon as I heard that the Juliet could help with my bladder urgency issues I scheduled the procedure.  I am now 2 weeks post procedure and very happy with my decision to have it done.  I no longer feel like I have to hit the bathroom before leaving the house or have the feeling of having to go constantly.  The added bonus was the tightening and having everything go back to were it was before delivering 2 babies.  Zero regrets.  It’s fast.  It’s painless.  And best of all it works!”


“Yes!! I made it through her soccer game and home… I’m almost always going at halftime”


👍👍 if I had more thumbs I would use them! 😉. I was skeptical I would have that much of a change but WOW ”


” I SNEEZED!!!! I just sneezed!…Nothing happened, NOTHING…. NO LEAKING!!!  I didn’t even try to clench because it came out of nowhere! Such and AWESOME feeling!!  Thank You!!!  ”




“After two kids, and being middle aged, I was very hopeful for improvements with bladder issues when having the Juliet treatment done. I am more than happy with the results after just 9 days. My need to constantly go to the bathroom has improved greatly. I probably have to go to the bathroom half as much as I did before the treatment. Plus I don’t feel the urgency to go a half hour after drinking something. I would recommend to anyone with similar issues.”


“I decided to have the Juliet procedure done because I was so tired of having that heavy pelvic floor feeling and pee a little when I would sneeze or jump; so annoying! I am happy to report that I can now do jumping jacks, run and sneeze without any leaks! And no heavy pelvic floor! It was a painless procedure with no down time, noticeable and fast results. The best thing I could have done for myself. I now wish I would have done it sooner. Thank you so much Alana & epic MedSpa!”


“Two weeks post Juliet, I have already noticed considerable positive changes.  I no longer experience peeing when I sneeze or when I do jumping jacks.  I don’ have the urgency to pee and the pelvic floor heaviness is completely gone.  I feel like I’m 25 yrs old again and I am 53 and have had 2 kids! I can also say it has enhanced my love life, and is VERY noticeable to myself AND my husband”



“Ok, listen up ladies.

This Juliet treatment is nothing short of magical! Let me paint you a picture.

*Have you had a vaginal birth?
*Do you have to do the classic ‘Squeeze your knees together before you cough, jump, or sneeze’?
*Do you forgo the ultimate Molly Ringwald dance that you love, but can’t do any longer, because you know you’d pee all over the dance floor?
*On Girls Night Out, are you forced to spend the evening with your legs together, so you don’t pee, simply because of all the laughter?
*Are you sitting on the bench, instead of jumping with your kids while at the trampoline park?
*Do you feel heaviness? Like all of your insides are trying to come out down there?
*Do you do a Kegel and feel like you just squeezed six inches up and in?
*Have you glanced down and thought ‘Hmm, they’re a little droopier than they used to be-and hey-isn’t the outside supposed to contain the inside in a nice little package?
*Has sex with your partner felt different since the baby?
Well, if you’ve answered Yes to any of these scenarios, then you need to call Alana immediately. Juliet laser is easy peasy. It’s like getting a vaginal ultrasound done. It doesn’t hurt and there is no down time! AND results are felt pretty much immediately AND gets better as the days go by! I mean, it’s simply amazing.
I’m almost 2 weeks out from the procedure and every day I notice something. Day 4: “Holy moly I just sneezed in Walmart while walking and didn’t have to stop for a sec to put my legs together so I don’t pee!” Day 5: “I just coughed while sitting cross cross applesauce!” Day 7: Oh my sweet Lord, I just did the Molly Ringwald on a Tuesday in my kitchen!” Day 9: “Well, look at that taught little package.”
Honest to goodness, it is the coolest thing ever invented! Please make your consult today. I’ll bet my house that you too will be amazed. In fact, you can send me ‘Thank You So Much For Telling Me About This’ flowers at your convienence.  Happy Tightening! “


Quotes from our Venues Freeze Clients:

I’ve had rosacea my whole life. Its a constant battle of flare ups with the redness being the worst part. I’ve seen 5 or 6 different dermatologists who have prescribed topical medications like Cordran, Metrogel, and Mirvaso. Along with the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline. Some work for a little bit and lose effectiveness while others make it worse(the rebound on Mirvaso is horrible). I’ve tried laser treatments that were painful and had little effect(except a really bright red face for a couple days). I’ve tried a low carb diet and probiotics with some success but no consistency on the results. Online topical creams like Derma Ros, Red Rock rosacea cream and Camuclear with no long term benefit. Over the counter products like Prosacea and TriDerma cream. Home remedies like apple cider vinegar(stings and smells) and coconut oil. Nothing worked until I had a consultation with Alana at Epic Medspa and at the time she told me the laser treatment I was getting elsewhere would be the same at Epic. I appreciated her honesty. A few months later, Epic contacted me to tell me about a new IPL they had purchased. The Venus Versa is the best treatment I’ve ever had. Quick and definitely less painful. The redness is now under control. I started laser every two weeks and I am now at once every five weeks for maintenance. Anyone who has rosacea knows there is no cure but this is the best treatment available. If you suffer from rosacea, I highly recommend having a consultation with Alana. She is both friendly and knowledgeable with skin treatments. Thank you!

* The results after 2 sessions are better than Ii could have hoped for after the entire series, im SO glad i did this.

* My sister said my legs looked GREAT and what new “exercises” i have been doing.

* My dentist told me I have never looked so good.

* My patients keep telling me how YOUNG I look.

* I can not believe the difference in how my pants fit.

* My belly is so much flatter.

* I can really see a difference in the middle waddle of the neck from my freeze treatments.

* I cant believe the difference after only one session.

* I cant wait to see the results after more sessions if its THIS good after only a few.

* My husband even noticed a difference, and that NEVER happens.

* I am ALREADY glad I did this.

* My face feels so different, better when i wash it.

* This might just be a TANK TOP summer!

* So… what OTHER parts of my body should we do?


More Client Testimonials:

* Hi Alana,

I wanted to write to you and let you know how great the Venus Freeze treatment worked for my acne pitted scarring. I have been coming to Epic MedSpa to address my acne needs for a while now, and the Venus Freeze service really worked! It definitely promoted collagen growth under my scars to grow outwards, flattening them greatly. I am so thankful Alana recommended this service as it works!! This has boosted my self-confidence greatly. I no longer need to use make-up primers to fill in the gaps, now my makeup routine involves just using a tinted moisturizer – no more thick foundation needed! I still have red post-acne marks which Alana has helped lighten with the acne peels that Epic offers. Epic offers a wonderful solution for all acne needs in Milwaukee.

Thank you so much!


* Dear Alana,

Just wanted to tell you how excited I am about the results I’m already seeing from my Venus Freeze treatments! I have only had two…out of the six sessions planned and I believe I couldn’t have made a better decision….or investment in myself. I have been thinking seriously about some sort of “lift” for the last couple of years. Although I have pretty good skin (thanks Mom!), I have been unhappy with the inevitable sagging that finally hit in the last year or so (I am 61). I have been especially unhappy with the little “chipmunk pouches” along my once-sleek jawline, a fairly long and deep crease on my right lower cheek and my deeply lined neck. YIKES!! Where did the “old me” go? The cost of even a “minilift”, the downtime, not to mention my reluctance about the highly invasive nature of surgery….made me wonder if I just needed to accept and live with my face “as is”….or should I say “as was!”.

In just two sessions, I can see the little “pouches” along my jawline going away, that darn crease and lines in my neck softening and over all, just a gentle “rolling back the years”. When I get my morning paper, I have a mirror near the front door where that early AM sunlight streams in. Boy, it shows EVERYTHING!! Even in that revealing light, I can tell the difference in how I look! Also, I ran into someone just this week that I haven’t seen since around 2001. She said “you look exactly the same!”. While I think she might have been being really nice….I liked the compliment and feel I have turned back the clock a few years! In addition to these great results, I am amazed at how relaxing the treatments are.

Your new salon is beautiful…..you and an your staff are so caring…..the warmth of the machine used for the Venus treatments if actually relaxing and soothing. I look forward to coming for more sessions and know I will miss the whole experience once I have completed the initial treatment package.

I absolutely recommend the Venus Freeze treatments to anyone who wants to look better without surgery! Thank you for once again taking such good care of me. I have visited you for other services and return because I have always had great results and know you truly care about your clients and your work.

thanks again

After 4th session:

Hi Alana,

Well, after having my first three Venus Freeze treatments, I went to work a trade show. At the show, I see colleagues that I see only every six months. I couldn’t believe it!! Within the first hour of being there, I had about 10 comments of “you look great!”. One was “wow, you just keep looking sexier!”. I was thrilled!! These were not comments like “have you lost weight?” (although there was one of those) or “nice outfit” or “like your hair”. Just plain and simple “you look great!”. As the days went on, I heard it from more people, including customers that I have seen more recently.

When I look in the mirror, I love what I am seeing. Not a huge difference…as in “my God, did she have a facelift?”. More like “gee, I look better….a little younger….more relaxed”….more “like me”. It is subtle, yet enough of a difference that I find myself being more confident. You know that feeling of suddenly becoming “invisible” when you get to be a certain age? Well, I don’t feel that way so much anymore.

I look forward to each treatment. The procedure is so relaxing and when I get off the table and look at my jawline, cheekbones and undereye area, I can’t help but smile! No, I don’t look 40. But I had someone tell me the other day they thought I was around 52. That’s almost 10 years less than I am….I’ll be 62 in October. I’ll take that!

I know you said I won’t see the full results for three to six months from now. I can’t even imagine that!

Thanks again Alana!

3 Months After Procedure:

Hi Alana,

Wanted to let you know I am seeing improvement from the Venus treatments as more time passes.

Less pronounced wrinkle on right cheek, also neck and the lines from nose to mouth much less noticeable.

I’m pleased! Thank you.



* Alana,

Wow, this B complex is wonderful!!!! Felt the awesome effects last night and even more so today. EXTREMELY focused and energetic. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Set me up for another one Tuesday.


* Hi Alana,

Day one of my B12 injection was a great day. Not only did I feel more energic and I definitely had more brain power but more importantly I did not have one sugar craving all day!!!! So awesome!! I will be back Tuesday for my “Fire and Ice” facial and my 2nd injection!!

Thank you so much for your services!!!



* Hi Alana,

Just wanted to give you an update on the progress of my treatments — after the first treatment my partner noticed an improvement on my face — after the second treatment I also noticed the skin on my arms seemed somewhat improved – less ‘crepey’ .

Really believe the system is working in my favor.




* It has been very interesting some of the comments I have received since finishing my six treatments of Venus Freeze. I had a facial at a salon last week and the woman told me that my skin looked so plump and had great elasticity. I was at a bridal shower and a woman I have known for years told me my face looked like I turned back the hands of time. Lastly, my hairdresser couldn’t believe the difference in my cheeks and around my mouth. I am very satisfied!




* Hi Alana,

Now that it has been several weeks since my last 6 session Venus freeze, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. My face feels much tighter and firmer then it has in years. Of course it is not an actual surgical face lift but I have been impressed with the results.

Approximately a year before I came into your spa I had seen a local plastic surgeon regarding a face lift. I decided with the time it takes to recuperate and being under the knife for approximately 5 hours it was not something I wanted to pursue at this time. I kept my ears open on an alternative treatment that may help improve my aging process.

I am 57 and unfortunately have to work for several more years with a few younger women then me and love the results. I am budgeting for more face tightening treatments and hope to come back for more later this year or early next year.

Your spa is awesome and your staff is so friendly.

Thanks again

Linda S., Waukesha


* My Goodness Alana,

I just wanted to thank you soooo much for taking such great care of me. The whole me, not just my face, but treating me as a person. Thank you for your amazing skills and making not only look better but feel better as well. You and your staff deserve much more praise than these words can give. You are appreciated so much.



* Alana,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my facial. Thank you for recommending I have it done. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and your new aesthetician is wonderful! My skin is starting to heal and feels nice and smooth. You always seem to know what’s best for me. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday with your cute little family.



* I was afraid to get one, but just finished a series of 6 at Epic MedSpa and am very glad I did. My super sensitive skin (rosacea) is less red and irritated, my pores shrunk and my skin feels 10 years younger. I highly recommend getting a peel. By the way, your skin does not actually peel off and you don’t get a red face – in fact, your skin will look better immediately after so you can even sneak over on your lunch break!!



* Hi Alana,

Thought, I should write and let you know that your combination of treatments for my acne problems was definitely working. This is now my 6th session with you and I am seeing dramatic results. I’ve been breakout free for almost 2 weeks now. My left side of the face needs more attention as far as killing the bacteria, but my forehead and right side of the face is totally bump free. I am just super joyful and I truly appreciate and thankful for your services, constant effort & your keen details to my issues.



* Just wanted to tell you how THRILLED I am with the results of the under eye filler I had done yesterday!!! You know how nervous I was about having something done in what I thought would be a sensitive and painful area to work on. Dr. Dembny is wonderful! With a quick “stick” of the needle (which was nothing!), the rest was a breeze. Not at all what I had imagined and agonized over! I have NO bruising. YEA!! Taking the Arnica, no aspirin, no alcohol…..must have done the job.

I feel like I look SO rested and relaxed. Those dark under eye circles and those hollows made me feel like I looked old and tired all the time. I missed my face the way I used to see it! Now, when I look in the mirror, I see me…just better!!….more like I used to see me!! Those hollows are gone. The area nicely filled in….in a very natural way. Thanks again for suggesting I try this and for doing my emotional “handholding”!! I will definitely add this area to my “to do” list of fillers: Botox, lips and now under eye.

Thanks again to both you and the Doctor.

p.s. I just wanted to add that instead of those fillers Listed as my “to do” list…..they are on my “MUST do” list!! 🙂

A VERY happy client


* The Micro needling treatment really works, I have seen a big improvement in my stretch marks. I’m very happy with the results and I recommend micro needling to anyone with stretch marks or cellulite problem.



* I have tried every diet on the market: Weight Watcher’s, Atkins, “The Perfect Ten,” and many more. The problem I always had is that I can be faithful until I reach a “plateau…” then I quit and gain more weight back than I ever lost.

I had some thyroid issues and an adrenal gland cyst that would interfere periodically with weight gain and loss… I had gained 60 pounds in six months. I became somewhat depressed. I disliked being in my body and being so overweight. I was ashamed of myself. I was feeling sorry for myself.

One morning I woke up and said: “Enough is enough. I am going to lose weight until I get to what I consider to be my ideal weight…” I did research on my own. I came across OptiFast. I got very excited. I communicated with a Milwaukee hospital via email to see if they would accept me into their OptiFast program. They stopped communicating with me as soon as they learned my insurance would not cover any weight loss program or anything associated with weight loss. I continued my research…Finally… I found Epic MedSpa in New Berlin. Epic MedSpa offers the OptiFast program. Hooray! So I called…

I started OptiFast on March 12 with Alana Sullivan as my mentor As of June 13, 2012, I have lost _50 plus__ pounds. I absolutely love the program. I can now walk more, go up and down steps easily, etc. I am swimming up to one mile a day. OptiFast is changing my life- quickly and drastically.

I have been frustrated with the healthcare profession for years. I have been to an ENT doctor for sinus and thyroid concerns; a general surgeon for hernias; my primary physician for other concerns…unfortunately no one seems to care about the “whole” me until I met Alana. I meet with Alana each week at Epic Med Spa and it is most evident to me that she really cares about “me and my progress.”

I highly recommend Alana at Epic MedSpa as a teacher/mentor of the OptiFast program. She is very impressive. I was nervous about starting such a program. Alana helped me feel at ease right away. She is always honest with me and challenges me as needed.

If you want to see a change in how you see yourself; how you feel about yourself; and in your total health-try OptiFast. The weight comes off quickly and yet you will remain health and strong. My co-workers can not believe the “change” they see. I have 3 more months until I reach the weight I would like to be at…and at the same time, I have started to live life to the fullest…Thanks to Alana and OptiFast.



* I have tried many things for my aging skin,not really happy with anything and was just about to give up,when i heard about skin needling. So i gave it a try, Who would have thought that something so simple would work so well. By fair the best out there I fell like I am in my 30s . I think any women looking for tighter skin should give it try .You will be amazed!



* Alana,

I just had to send you an email today. Yesterday I woke up and I swear – there isn’t one pimple on my face! Not any old ones fizzling out, not any current ones, not even any waiting to make an appearance. Of course there are still marks left from old ones, but still – this discovery was really exciting! I just had to share. :0)



* Dearest Alana,

I know it is only my first session with you yesterday, but I wanna thank you for a wonderful job. I noticed a huge difference in my skin texture, sooooo much smoother than it was. Your hand is truly guided by the LORD to heal acne victims like myself. I just wanna let you know that. My road to recovery is in your hands.


* The customer service, treatments and overall serene atmosphere at Epic Med Spa are far superior to any other facility I’ve frequented.

From chemical peels to Juvaderm/Botox injections to permanent make-up, Epic offers only the highest quality of services done by friendly, qualified professionals.

After a visit I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and completely relaxed.

I only wish I lived closer… I’d be there daily!

Epic truly is epic.

Jessica, 29


* Hi Alana,

I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me use all the Radiesse that we did last Friday. Also….thanks for all your support during the procedure.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my lips. I never would have thought it would make such a big difference….I’m OBSESSED with them and look at them as often as possible!

Please pass along my thanks to the Dr. for helping me feel prettier and sexier!! Even with the bruising, I see the difference the work on my cheekbones and jawline makes. I definitely feel we’ve turned back the clock a little in a nicely subtle way.

Thanks again!

An adoring fan,

Joan, 59


* I struggled with rosacea for 10+ years. I tried all the treatments you see on TV infomercials, as well as the new latest lotion/cream/serum to cure rosacea from a dermatologist. Nothing ever worked. I went to see Alana at Epic Med Spa to see if she could help. She suggested a facial peel. Since I have very sensitive skin, I was terrified of the thought of a peel. I thought my face would get burned, or I would shed like a snake! But, after trying everything on the market, I decided to try the peel. I saw a difference after the very first treatment! After six months of treatments, my skin was completely clear! No more raised red bumps and the overall redness faded tremendously! I wish I would have found her 10 years ago!

Penny, 36


* What is nice about Epic Med Spa is that they have so many services available under one roof. Not only have I been thrilled with the improvement in my appearance (important in working with the public) , but have also have been able to take advantage of the use of the healing effects of acupuncture and massage therapy. Epic Med Spa has a wonderful highly professional staff who have their clients’ best interest at all times. I always feel totally “pampered” whenever I’m in their care.

Nora, 74


* Results may vary from person to person