paramedical facialepic Organic Experience

Skin care is customized to you from your personal consultation.This Epic skin care treatment deeply nourishes the skin.  A delightful botanical complex of White, Green and RedTea Extracts and Fruit Essences creates a an Effect, which provides moisture and vitamins to firm and restore healthy skin cells.

Arguably one of the most relaxing and effective facials ever created. Forget the outside world and let us introduce you to true pampering and anti-aging. We take harvest fresh fruits like pumpkin, orange, and banana to soften your skin, reveal a fresh dewy complexion and enhance your outer glow. You’ll feel your worries melt away during our warm towel foot treatment… leaving you refreshed. You’ll feel invigorated and maybe even years younger. Wonderful aromas of rose, honey, lavender and more take you on a sensory journey. Naturally luxurious. Customized and made to order for your specific skin type and issues.

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest and LOCAL skincare line!  PractiGanic.  All made fresh and just down the street in Muskego!

 Facials with all masks made DURING the facial to offer the ultimate in freshness and quality.
Rejuvenating:  For dry mature skin with ROSE water, COCONUT milk, HONEY and FRANKENCENSE

Sensitive: For even the most sensitive skin with ROSE water, REDMOND CLAY, HONEY and LAVENDER

Acne Sensitive:  Gently exfoliates and kills bacteria with APPLE CIDER vinegar, activated CHARCOAL and TEA TREE

Glow:  Gently exfoliates dead dull skin with ROSE water, HIBISCUS, COCONUT milk and ROSE, GERANIUM, and LAVENDER

Also offering take home retail products at an AMAZING price like BUG SPRAY, body OIL,  DEAD SEA body scrub, and SO MANY more.

60 Minutes. ……70                              90 Minutes. ………….95

Medical Grade Acne Facial and Acne Back Facial

Medical grade ingredients are used to help heal, treat and prevent breakouts of all kinds.  Specialized masks are combined with extractions to help deep clean pores to minimize their appearance, and clear blackheads.  Serums to treat whiteheads, and prevent new ones from forming.

GREAT for anyone with mild to moderate acne, or  occasional breakouts

60 Minute Face……..75               30 minute Face: ……..40

45 Minute Back……..60

Para Medical Facial

Result oriented skin care using Para Medical Ingredients that are ONLY available through a Physician, designed to enhance your appearance and well being.  All Facial Treatments include personalized skin analysis, face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

Signature Facial

This treatment is designed to help you feel and look your best.  A mixture of antioxidants, nutrients, and alpha hydroxy acids are customized to fit your skin type.  Suitable for the most sensitive skin conditions.

30 minutes……..40              60 minutes……..70              90 minutes……..95

Microdermabrasion Facial (full face and neck)

This revolutionary medical microdermabrasion treatment is effective in deeply exfoliating the dead layers of the epidermis.  Also can help treat fine lines, sun spots and uneven skin tone. Treatment includes pore extractions, soothing specialty mask and scalp massage.   A series of treatments is recommended.

45 minutes……..125            Add-on to any facial,15 minutes…….40


Our enhancements are available as additional services and must be booked with a facial or body treatment.

Reflexology teaches that a vital energy or “life force” circulates between the organs of the body, permeating every living cell and tissue.  if this energy becomes blocked the part of the body relating to the blockage becomes affected. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging the release of toxins reflexology promotes the body to heal itself.

15 Minute Foot Reflexology Treatment. …….15

15 Minute Hand Reflexology Treatment. ……15

30 Minute Hand AND Foot Reflexology Treatment. …….25

15 minute Scalp Treatment with leave in Hair Conditioning Treatment. ……. 25

15 Minute Caviar Eye Zone Treatment……….20