Food and Environmental Sensitivity TestingFood and Environmental Sensitivity Testing

ALCAT Food Sensitivity/Celiac and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Testing:

Food and environment sensitivity is different from an allergy in a few ways.  An allergy provides a histamine response such as hives, but a sensitivity causes activation of the immune system.  Chronic activation of the immune system can cause digestive orders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, skin disorders and more.  ALCAT testing is available to test over 400 agents for sensitivity including foods, food additives, food colorings, medicinal herbs, molds and chemicals.  Professional athletes and sports teams use ALCAT testing to correctly fuel and fine tune their bodies and training.

A simple blood draw done in house by our Physician Assistant will start the process.  After the lab work is completed we will meet to discuss dietary changes and other supplementation you may need to alter in order to feel your best. You also receive a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with ALCAT’s nutritionist to discuss your results.  Ortho Molecular Nutrition Supplementation is available at an additional cost.

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