exercise Bigstock_36468952Long term weight management is a lifestyle adjustment.  Every person that starts the optifast program at epic MedSpa will also get more of the tools they need to succeed, and to maintain that success for years to come.

Another bonus of joining the optifast program at epic MedSpa isyou will have the opportunity to have Tracy prescribe a personal workout plan for you, and benefit from IN HOME personal training session at the epic MedSpa discount.

Tracy Reese,  CSCS

Tracy brings over 10 years of experience and commitment to changing people’s lives through fitness.  Tracy graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and is a nationally certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Tracy has also taught group exercise programs and is a certified SPIN instructor.

As a fitness professional, her experience has allowed her to work with clients of various ages, abilities and fitness levels to successfully meet their goals.

Tracy’s philosophy:

A one-legged stool will never stand.

You need several legs to support a life – health, career, family, personal growth and friends.  When you get out of balance, you risk collapsing.  Balance is not necessarily 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%.  It is whatever you think is right for you.  I teach “balance” to my clients as well.

Each person has their own abilities and skills as well as their own weaknesses.  Each has their own vision and goals of a healthy body and lifestyle.  I work with each person to establish a “physical balance” of strength, flexibility and endurance but also stress the importance of reflection and inspiration to achieve a balance of mind and spirit.

My philosophy acknowledges that everyone’s body, just like their thumbprint, is unique.  Therefore individualized programs need to adapt to each persons’ ever-changing demands and to an ever-changing frame.  I stress that the body is a dynamic structure that needs consistent investment of time.  The end result is the realization that your body is your biggest asset and lives are reshaped, not just bodies.