plateau breaker weight loss inch reductionPlateau Breaker Weight Loss/Inch Reduction

epic has developed a program to smash your weight loss plateau and re-sculpt your shape If you eat healthy and exercise regularly but can NOT budge that last 10-15 lbs or are at your goal weight but just want to lean and sculpt a few areas this program is for you!

It is easier and less expensive than you think.

This easy to follow plan added with a non stimulating prescription may help you lose up to 15 lbs of fat and 18 inches in matter of days, and also may reset your body’s “base weight” so it will NOT fight to gain it back. *

Suitable for men and women.

May get rid of back fat, love handles, tone your arms, and thin your hips and thighs. *

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* Results may vary from person to person. This program may not be suited for everyone. Program eligibility based on diet and exercise practices, as well as general health. Program not suited for anyone more than 25 pounds overweight.