laser hair removal

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction treatments can be performed on any part of the body. Six to eight treatments are needed six weeks apart for maximum efficacy. Waxing or tweezing should be stopped 4 weeks prior to first treatment, and area should be shaved 24 hours before every appointment. Prices listed are per session; however a 5% discount is given for a three treatment package and a 10% discount is given for a six treatment package. Multiple area discounts are also available.

Female Services 

Lip: $99

Lip & Chin: $125

Underarms: $150

Chin & Neck: $135

Forearms: $150

1/2 Legs: $225

Full Legs: $300

Basic Bikini: $200

Extended Bikini: $250

Brazilian Bikini: $300

Abdomen Strip: $125

Chest/Breasts: $125

Fingers/Toes: $110


Male Services

Partial Back: $225

Full Back: $300

Chest/Abdomen: $225

Hairline: $150

Neck: $200

Beard Contouring: $200-$250