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Current Specials

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The Venus Viva exclusively at epic Medspa

Let the Viva help lessen your stretch marks, acne scars, deep wrinkles, and scars with NO down time!

Venus Viva Nano

Perfect for around the eyes, lips, wrinkles, neck, crepe textures, acne scars and stretch marks.

Great whether you are just beginning to notice the signs of aging or have been battling them for quite a while.

Painless and NO DOWN TIME!

25% off the package of 4 sessions (save $250)

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Microblading For Eyebrows and Eyeliner

We use tiny blades (hence the term microblading) to deliver natural organic pigment underneath the dermis of your brows. This method will create hair strokes around the size of your hair to give your brows an even and fuller look, and you will have permanent eyebrow hair strokes that when healed,  are arranged in a perfect shape all the time.

You will no longer have those gaps in your individual brows. We can fix that without an issue. In fact, you can be sure that we will perfectly match the hair color that you have.

Brows Only $295 (save $100) 

Eyeliner (top OR bottom) only $250 (save $100)

Eyeliner (top AND bottom) only $295 (save $100)



Get rid of sun damage, sun spots, redness and veins.  Get clearer brighter skin on face, neck, chest and hands without pain or downtime.

Save 25% off the package of 4 ( save $300)

Save 10% off a single session


epic can now, more effectively

treat sun spots, melasma, facial and leg veins, freckles, cherry angiomas, acne, and unwanted hair




Dr Dembny has openings on  April 14 and May 12


       FREE microderm and far infrared sauna session with a 60 or 90 Minute facial. (save $50)

Buy one get one FREE Far infrared sauna sessions

( purchase up to 6)




 Save 10% on the Resting Metabolic Test

Find out EXACTLY how many calories you burn each day and how many calories you need to be taking in to lose fat or gain muscle

(you may not be eating enough) Also see if there is  metabolic damage from past diets, and if your rate is faster or slower than average


Are HOT FLASHES keeping you up at night or mood swings making you unhappy?
Our hormone testing and bio Identical Hormone replacement could be your answer



Ultrasound Body Composition and Body Fat Testing


This 15 to 30 min accurate, painless and modest test will give you exact body fat percentage as well as lean muscle mass and risk ratings for diseases such as Heart disease, Stroke, and Diabetes.  This test does not use the traditional caliper “pinch” test or the highly inconsistent hand held devices.

If fat loss is your goal, in the level 1 test,  we are able to track your progress every few months to see not only a full body percentage drop in fat but the exact amount of fat loss per area.

If muscle building is your goal, in the level 2 test, we can accurately measure the exact thickness of certain muscles and compare them for symmetry as well as compare them over time to see the exact growth size.

This test is perfect for anyone getting frustrated because the scale is not moving but your shape is.  .

Discounts available for mulit test packages.

Level 1    40

Level 2    60

Ditch the Caliper Pinch