Isolaz acne treatmentAcne Laser

Whether your issue is sun spots on face, arms, hands or chest, redness, wrinkles, broken capillaries on your cheeks, nose or chin, or spider veins, a skin rejuvenation treatment package can help. This treatment can also help occasional or persistent acne on any part of the body. This laser is the only FDA approved treatment of its kind to treat ALL types of Acne, short and long term. Depending on your specific goals and needs, four to six treatments may be needed in two week intervals. These procedures are virtually painless and require no down time or recovery. Full face rejuvenation will treat multiple targets simultaneously including wrinkles, firmness, redness, and pigment in the same treatment. Price listed is per session, multiple session package discounts are also available.


Acne Treatment Face: $150

Acne Treatment Back or Chest: $250

Redness Reduction: $200-$300

Broken Capillaries: $200-$400