We offer a wide variety of treatments to help with unwanted sun damage, spots, pigment, scars and fine lines.

Laser Peels:

Micro Laser Peel:

Great results to help improve sun damage, spots, pigment, scars and fine lines and smooth pores with no downtime.  The first day the skin will be hot and red, but the second day virtually no signs of redness if at all.  a few days of dry feeling skin, minimal flaking in some spots, then a few days later revel great looking brighter softer skin.   A few treatments may be needed to fully erase the signs of pigment and sun damage



Macro Laser Peel:

a bit more downtime than the Micro Laser Peel. A day of redness,  followed by a day or two of some darkening spots, then a day of flaking.  Great for darker pigment, scars, deeper wrinkles and face/neck tightening.




Great for tackling all over skin darkening sun damage, or deep sun spots with no down time.   When general sun damage is present, it makes the face and neck seem dark, dull, blotchy and sometimes even “dirty”.

Photo Facial:

An all over IPL Photofacial can help the face and neck appear brighter and more even tone by diffusing deep under the surface pigment, as well as improve small broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks with ZERO down time or pain.  Multiple sessions may be needed.


IPL Individual Sun Spot Treatment:

If the only concern is a single or a small number of sun spots, they can be treated individually.  The spot may turn a bit darker and “pepper” as it gently exfoliates off.  Multiple sessions may be needed.

$50 to $300 varies with number of spots being treated