Treatments used for Acne Scarring

* Hi Alana,

I wanted to write to you and let you know how great the Venus Freeze treatment worked for my acne pitted scarring. I have been coming to Epic MedSpa to address my acne needs for a while now, and the Venus Freeze service really worked! It definitely promoted collagen growth under my scars to grow outwards, flattening them greatly. I am so thankful Alana recommended this service as it works!! This has boosted my self-confidence greatly. I no longer need to use make-up primers to fill in the gaps, now my makeup routine involves just using a tinted moisturizer – no more thick foundation needed! I still have red post-acne marks which Alana has helped lighten with the acne peels that Epic offers. Epic offers a wonderful solution for all acne needs in Milwaukee.

Thank you so much!