airbrush tanningAirbrush Tanning

The first “Lay Down” airbrush tanning treatment.  This 30-45 minute treatment starts with a light barrier cream application to avoid heels, and wrists from looking unnatural.  The Light mist is applied with a hand airbrush machine, which gives the technician total control of the application, and then heated to dry while you relax and “tan”.  The color is natural and becomes “your tan” color, so it never turns orange or brassy.

The color is a light natural looking tan glow.  The product can be layered in multiple sessions as close to a day apart to achieve a darker color.  It can lasts up to 10 days, depending on prior exfoliation and skin care.

For best results we recommend using a salt scrub to exfoliate the skin every day for up to a week prior to the service. We recommend not using oils or lotions the day of service, and shaving that day is also helpful. If the scrub you are using has an oil base please wash the oil residue off after exfoliating the day of the service.  Showering, exercising, or sweating should not be done within the first 12 hours to let the product fully process. We also suggest wearing loose fitting dark clothes to ensure none of the bronzing agent stains.  To extend the color, lotion should be used at least once a day, especially after using a pool or hot tub, as the chlorine tends to dry out the skin which may lead to uneven fading.

Products can be recommended to help extend the life of your color!

Airbrush Tanning Treatment: $65.00