HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial Elite:

The origin of the HydraFacial treatment family.  This treatment is an amazing place to start if you are new to professional skin care treatments or an important addition to a Lasers, Medical Grade Chemical Peels, Collagen Building Procedures, Botox and Fillers.  Whether you are just starting to notice signs of dull dry aging skin, have had previous acne issues, want to start preventing aging, or have dry mature skin this treatment is a great 30 minute relaxing and beneficial procedure.



HydraFacial MD:

During the MD HydraFacial, medical grade exfoliation serums are used to elevate the results of thicker dead dry skin, surface sun damage and clogged pores.  After exfoliation, special physician only serums are used to maximize hydration and healing.



epic MD HydraFacial:

This HydraFacial is like NO other.  Along with medical grade exfoliation and physician serums, a Perk eye treatment will reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, as well as a Perk lip treatment to exfoliate, moisturize and plump the lips.  Mechanical lymphatic drainage will reduce puffiness in the face and accentuate your natural glow.   Either a red or blue light will also be used to either kill bacteria or stimulate circulation for longer lasting results.  This HydraFacial really does “surpass the usual or the ordinary” .



WET DIAMOND™ ABRASION add on to any HydraFacial or Spa Facial:

A more aggressive exfoliation similar to microdermabrasion, except Hydradermabrasion uses the power of water instead of crystals or suction.