Micro laser peels


This is a truly amazing treatment for smoothing pore texture,  underlying sun damage,  acne scarring,  overall brightening and smoothing the face.  We take a laser resurfacing treatment with weeks of peeling and make it a beneficial one with NO DOWNTIME.  This quick painless treatment will be warm and red the day of the treatment, but totally fine the next morning.  The face will feel rough like a “cat tongue” for a few days following, with minimal if any peeling or flaking.  Makeup can be worn, but only a gentle face wash may be used, no moisturizer or specialty products for 7 days.  On the 7th day normal products can be resumed.  Over the next week the face will be amazing soft and continue to get brighter and clearer.  Full results will be in about 4 weeks and you will be truly amazed by how bright, soft and smooth your face and pores will look, giving an almost “filtered” look.

We are able to adjust the setting to get deeper and do full resurfacing if needed,  and these will have a bit more downtime including redness and peeling, but it is usually not necessary and  even 1 micro laser peel will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

Micro laser peel … $150

Laser peel resurfacing … $250